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Photos contributed by Tim Worth of Champaign, Illinois
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Two views from the summit of Cloud Peak. Glacier Lake below.

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Ridge on Cloud Peak descent

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Misty Moon Lake. Cloud Peak to the left, Bomber Mountain to the right. Jul21122c.jpg (45542 bytes) Tensleep Canyon
Jul21131c.jpg (27504 bytes) Along US 14A Jul21149c.jpg (42474 bytes) US 14 heading east
wyomng17c.jpg (29690 bytes) West of Buffalo on US 16 wyomng19c.jpg (43147 bytes) Grace Lake
wyomng26c.jpg (41674 bytes) Lake Solitude viewed from the west wyomng38c.jpg (77602 bytes) Small Waterfall
wyomng44c.jpg (37675 bytes) Lake Solitude viewed from the east wyomng80c.jpg (35564 bytes) Lake Helen in the distance
wyomng86c.jpg (25400 bytes) Bomber Mountain in cloud cover . .

Many thanks to Tim for contributing these beautiful photos!

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