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Photos Contributed by Leah A. Jones
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I am not quite sure where this was at, somewhere on the way up through the Bighorns.  All I know is that I would not want to take a wrong step on that cliff.  Definitely a long way down.

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This isn't a picture of the scenery but I still love it. It was taken in Powell, Wyoming. It had been raining in the distance and there was a rainbow that
was absolutely magnificent...the brightest I have ever seen.  Unfortunately I
didn't get to the camera in time to catch the rainbow but I did get a picture
of the sky afterwards.

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I think this was going down the Bighorns, if not slightly beyond.

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The one thing that I love about Wyoming and the places around it is that you can tell where the clouds are just by looking at the ground. Their shadows are so distinct, especially when the landscape is relatively flat and is just of grass.

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The part that caught my eye on this picture was the view beyond the rock. The landscape goes on forever and you can tell where there used to be river beds and other land formations that are no longer there.

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This shot reminds me of those pictures that are taken from the satellites as
they take pictures of Earth from space.

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This shot was taken a few miles up into the Big Horn Mountains coming from Lovell.  The guy that I was with at the time was driving and he pulled over and we decided to hike up the "hill" where there was a small path.  As dark as the weather looked, 180 degrees in the other direction, the sky was a clear blue and there was no rain that whole day.
Many thanks to Leah for contributing these photos!

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