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Photos contributed by Jeff Bittner of Davenport, Iowa
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"Goin Up Red Road" is taken west of Dayton and east of the Bighorns in October of 2001.  It is, obviously, taken facing west.

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"Old Shack" is taken just west of Shell in either May of 2002 or October of 2002.

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"Winter Valley Below" is taken from the Bighorns looking east toward Dayton and Ranchester.  I believe this picture was taken October 2002. jbittner-bullsoctober.jpg (24909 bytes) "Juvenile Moose" was taken in a meadow off of U.S. 16 in October 2002.
jbittner-scan0225.jpg (19486 bytes) This is the lake right off of U.S. 16 in the middle of the National Forest.  I think it is the lake with the large recreational development on it. jbittner-yellowroundrock.jpg (27524 bytes) "Yellow Round Rock" is taken on U.S. 16 between Ten Sleep and The Bighorn National Forest.
jbittner-bluesky-pinkrock-c.jpg (53311 bytes) Blue Sky/ Pink Rock.  Taken on the ascent into the Bighorns from Dayton on U.S. 14. jbittner-cliffslowernowood-c.jpg (33752 bytes) Cliffs of Lower Nowood Road.  Taken 1/2 mile northwest of where the road intersects with U.S. 16.
jbittner-dirtyannies-c.jpg (41064 bytes) Dirty Annie's.   Taken at Dirty Annie's just west of the Bighorn National Forest on U.S. 14. jbittner-goose-egg-formation-c.jpg (27395 bytes) Goose Egg Formation.   Taken on the ascent into the Bighorns from Dayton on U.S. 14.
jbittner-oldwest2-c.jpg (42127 bytes) Old West II.   Taken East of Shell Falls on U.S. 14 facing west after beginning descent on U.S. 14. jbittner-rocksofthebighorns-c.jpg (45342 bytes) Rocks of the Bighorns.  Taken on U.S. 14 around Burgess Junction.
jbittner-shellcreekcolors-c.jpg (55549 bytes) Shell Creek Colors.   This is a picture of the foilage along Shell Creek taken in October 2002. jbittner-takinthehighroad-c.jpg (35004 bytes) Takin' the High Road.  Taken east of Granite Pass facing west on U.S. 14.

Many thanks to Jeff for contributing these photos!

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