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Photos Contributed by
Dave F. Donahue
Petersburg, Virginia

Left Photo: Dave on "Steve"
at the HF Bar Ranch
near Buffalo, Wyoming

Big Horn Mountains Photo Gallery
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Photos from Dave's most recent visit to the Big Horns - June 2001

dd-072001-1.jpg (18616 bytes) Bighorn Peaks from Hazleton Road dd-072001-3.jpg (38630 bytes) North Fork, Crazy Woman Creek
dd-072001-2.jpg (36357 bytes) Big Horns - Lupines along Hazleton Road dd-072001-4.jpg (23271 bytes) Sibley Lake (Along US Highway 14)
dd-072001-5.jpg (14218 bytes) Sunset viewed from Eagle Summit on the north edge of Buffalo, Wyoming dd-072001-7.jpg (29430 bytes) Wrangler Cade on Castle Rock

Photos from Dave's earlier visit to the Big Horns.

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View from Spahn's Bed & Breakfast in the timberline west of Big Horn, Wyoming. dd-bighorns-002.jpg (57428 bytes) This is a shot from the west side of Buffalo.
dd-bighorns-003.jpg (33156 bytes) This was taken a mile or two outside of Dayton.  The buffalo had only one full horn and then a kind of mutated, curled nubbin. He seemed to love scratching himself on the gatepost. dd-bighorns-005.jpg (63316 bytes) Tongue River Canyon. We hiked well into the canyon. Never saw so much poison ivy in my life.
dd-bighorns-004.jpg (42916 bytes) Taken on route 16 going west to Tensleep dd-bighorns-007.jpg (67877 bytes) Crazy Woman Canyon.

Many thanks to Dave of Petersburg, Virginia for contributing these photos!
Dave is now a resident of Buffalo, Wyoming.

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